artist statement


Addoley Dzegede's work is project-based and idea-driven, investigating notions of belonging, home, migration and location, and hybrid identities. Through a variety of media and techniques, she explores the metaphoric potential of materials, textile traditions in her ancestral histories, and the ways in which color and pattern are used to as a means to assign belonging.  She creates works that are intended to entice viewers to pause, and to question commonly held ideas about what it means to belong. This is accomplished through pairings of materials or concepts that seemingly do not belong together, and has manifested in recurring dualities: two shores, two sides of a game, two meanings, two rooms in a house, two ways of seeing, two sides of a dividing line. Projects are often based on the materials and conditions specific to the location where the work is made, whether at home or abroad. Through a process that involves both observation and reflection, in conjunction with an exploration of personal and public archives, she contemplates the forces of history, experience, and location, as well as how they work together to tell a story, essentially, of longing as a state of being.